I could hardly describe myself as a professional photographer. But through many years of blogging I have learnt some in’s and out’s of taking quality photos for my blog and social media. I’m still learning and I feel like I will be constantly learning new things and ways to improve myself, which is what makes it even that much more fun!

I remember when I first started I use to think how mininmal a photo meant in the blogging world. The deeper I dove into it I found out just how important a quality photo is. It helps you set up the right path to find your brand and your niche. It encourages engagement and shows your followers a look inside your world of things that matter most to you and that brighten up your day. They don’t always have to be the bright and beautiful photos, they just have to be photos that mean something to you and your readers!

For myself, it opened the door to a new hobby that I love and enjoy. A passion that I had before children and set aside after. Being able to explore it more has been so much fun! I’ll be sharing with you tips on how to help you take those quality photos right from home for your blog! And encouragement that you don’t have to be a professional, just a little inspiration!

Follow Trends. Your Trends.

There will always be the one spot or one area that you love the most. For me its normally a room in my home. Find ways to incorporate that area with pieces that your taking photos of!


If it’s something that you just don’t enjoy taking photos of then it probably won’t turn out the way you truly want it to. You really need to have that passion for what your working with to make sure those photos stand out!



Finding helpful ways to edit your photos can be lots of fun. Once you found a trend your looking for in photos, whether it be light or darker images stick to it and play around with different editing apps or features. A lot of apps like Lightroom help you to adjust exposure easily which I love! If anything stick to auto or no-flash for photos and go play in photo shop or editing apps. There are so many different ways to edit a photo, find the one that best suites you and your style.


Finding that perfect light for photos can be tricky, but less is sometimes more. You don’t have to have a bright and sunny day to get the perfect light as long as you have a good editing routine like mentioned above.



Au Natural. Kids. 

I can’t say taking photos of children is a walk in the park, because it’s not. Usually if my children know I’m taking photos they run for the hills but if I let them be free in their day and sneak photos then that works perfectly fine by me. Also, bribes totally help!! Or I wait for those really exciting moods they get and take full advantage in that time. I work full time during the week, so weekends are when I do the most capturing. I’ll even take them to a place they love to be and hang out in the background snapping photos! They don’t even notice.

I try to make it a fun experience and try adding props or toys they love to see. Yogurt covered raisins are amazing to have laying around for them! And simply, if they don’t want pictures that day then that’s ok to!

Try Different Angles.

If your trying to capture a image, try getting shots in different angles, lights. Maybe try adding extras to it like flowers or something to help it stand out. Don’t be afraid of weeding through numourous of photos to get that perfect one!


Stick To Your Brand.

When your planning inside your head of types of photos you want to have kind of set goals for yourself in planning these. Figure out what type of photo branding you’d like and stick to it. Whether it be colourful, dark or fresh and bright. You need to find a consistent branding that best describes you and what your portraying.


Don’t feel bad for being a ‘Photo Snob’ your representing a brand that your building. If you don’t LOVE the photos don’t post them. If you need to retake 50 to get that perfect shot, it will be well worth it in the end. You don’t have to have everything perfect by all means but you should have something that feels perfect to you!


Ask For Help.
I don’t often ask for help because I feel like I always have it under control but sometimes it’s nice to have someone else help you. Giving you fresh ideas or even distractions to inspire to! The power in numbers is true.




KEISHA BOUTILIER with Loving Littles Blog

Keisha Boutilier, Mom Blogger with Loving Littles Blog is a wife, full-time working esthetician & a mom to two Littles, Owen & Ella. I’m just getting through day by day like any other mom! With blogging as my passion, it reminds me of who I am & introduces me to new friends everyday!

Connect with Keisha here: Website, FacebookInstagram

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  1. Leeann Froese

    great tips – thank you!

    • Genicca Whitney

      You’re so welcome, Leeann! Thanks for taking the time to come by. xx


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