Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works. ~ Steve Jobs

Creating a powerful brand for your business is imperative. Get it right, and you’ll create a successful design that gets results. Get it wrong, though, and you’ll end up with a solution to the wrong problem.

We collaborated with the amazing Brand Expert, Kelsey Christine, founder of Honey Side Up, for the “WTF” is Branding Success Kit. Kelsey will provides a step-by-step tutorial covering all of the most important aspects of creating a powerful & memorable brand; one that will attract your ideal clients and stand the test of time.

There are 7 Steps to Creating a Powerful Brand and you will pocket away everything you need to know to feel confident + clear on your mission, your vision and your target audience.

Here’s what you’ll get:

(1) A video covering the 7 Steps to Creating a Powerful Brand that will take you from idea to concept and from design to execution of your big, beautiful brand.

(2) Plus, a fabulous Workbook that will help you achieve maximum results as you follow along the video and take notes. Gain clarity. Take guided action. Then, proceed with intense focus!

(3) A super helpful LIVE Q&A with the lovely lady herself, Kelsey from Honey Side Up Creative + me (Genicca) in the Private Insider’s Club Community on Facebook.

As an Official Insider, you’ll instantly receive access to our Private Facebook Mastermind Group, where you can connect and collaborate with other passionate + purpose-driven female entrepreneurs.

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